Danso Financial Group is here to help build you wealth. We believe in the power of financial planning as a component that continuously adjusts to the life events of individuals, and is our greatest value is accomplished for clients on an ongoing basis when they simultaneously engage us to fulfill their investment strategies,

This integration of goals-based financial planning and investment management can be known as Life Management.

Improve Your Budgeting Skills

Keep track of all your expenses—that means every coffee, household item and cash tip. Once you have your data, organize the numbers by categories, such as Transportation, Food, Entertainment, Utilities and other. Consider using your credit card or bank statements to help you with this. Apps like Wally & Mint can help you!


Finding the best stocks to buy and watch starts with knowing what a big market winner looks like before it takes off. Your goal is to find stocks that are displaying those same traits right now. Traits like explosive earnings and sales growth, a fast-growing and industry-leading product or service


Buying Real Estate is one of the safest investments you can make! If you are a First Time Home Buyer, look up FHA Loans as your option! These require less Down Payment and Credit Score requirements when compared to Conventional loans.

Let me help you start your Business

Starting a business is now easier than ever! The resources are in abundance and the tools are available to get you started. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, Social Media marketing or setting up an online store can all be done at a minimal cost! All you need is the idea and WiFi!

Start Investing Beginners

You don't have to be an Investment guru to invest your money.  You can use Apps like Acorns to invest small, while growing your money over time. Apps like Robinhood is designed for beginners that want to invest in the stock market. Modern technology has made it easier to invest in the form that best suits you, use it!




Budget Planning

Creating a budget may take time, but the benefit it provides to improving your finances make it well worth it. It may not be as complicated as you might think it is. We can help you create an accurate monthly budget so that you can secure your financial future and ensure you avoid financial hardship through planning and accountability.

1 Session  


Saving & Investing

Let us design a Savings plan for you! Set aside money for emergencies or a future purchase. Savings will allow you the ability to then explore investing options such as Stocks, Bonds, Index Funds or even Real Estate. Investing your money means you can create wealth by letting your money work for you.  

Business Plan


Hire us to write your Business Plan

You no longer have to stress about putting together an actual plan prior to your business launch, we can do it for you.  We have years of experience in Business Planning for new and existing businesses in a wide range of industries. Book your FREE 15 Minute phone consultation and let us walk you through the process.

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