Executive Team


Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Charles Danso


Charles Danso is the definition of a trendsetter in the modern area with having years of experience in personal finance, private hedge funds, private equity, and investment management, he received his business degree in Economics from the University of Albany and has had many years working as an investment banker. Charles saw the lack of information and financial knowledge not being presented to entrepreneurs and small business owners which gave him the idea to create Danso Financial Group and currently serves as the Chairman & CEO for the company.


Since it's inception, Charles has led the company to form partnerships with various small business organizations in sports, media, and technology sectors. Through his efforts, Danso Financial Group has been recognized by prominent business magazines such as Forbes and invited to business conferences like Forbes 30 under 30 summit, and the Next Gen summit.

Chief Operating Officer: Daniel Goodman

Daniel Goodman has been a partner of Danso Financial Group since its inception in 2016 and currently sits on the executive team as the COO for Danso Financial Group with many years of corporate experience in accounting, operations, information technology, and market regulation. He received his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, along with his MBA from the University of Albany.


Since joining the executive team, Daniel has organized the business structure of Danso Financial Group, developed it's executive, consulting, and contracting teams, and designed the company's short and long term business strategies. Daniel works closely with the CEO to ensure the mission of Danso Financial Group helps new leaders in the industry achieve their business goals.

Chief Marketing  Officer: Ramy Ibrahim

Ramy sits on the Executive Team for Danso Financial Group as the Chief Marketing Officer. He graduated from the University at Albany with a degree in Business Administration. Ramy's professional work experience consists performing various consulting and project management tasks, and as a marketing consultant for several companies.

Since joining the executive team Ramy has led the marketing campaign for the company with it's new logo design, brand awareness through social media, and marketing strategy. Ramy acts as the liaison between the COO and CEO to ensure Danso Financials business strategies are implemented efficiently.

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