Danso Financial Venture is focused on early stage businesses. Typically, these businesses have a proven product, established business model, and a clear path to scalable revenues and profitability growth. The firm rarely invests at the seed level and most portfolio companies have already received at least one substantial round of funding from a top-tier venture firm. Leveraging through our scalable resources, the Danso Financial team typically serves as a strategic partner to these companies and their investors. The team is particularly focused on finding venture-funded businesses that have a high probability to shift into growth businesses, wherein our Executive Staff can add incremental value.

Our Entrepreneurs

Danso Financial Group currently has investments with:

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Mish Guru is a full service storytelling suite for Snapchat and Instagram Stories that scales a brand’s content team, quickly. Over one billion Stories are created on Snapchat and Instagram every single day. Mish Guru has been helping brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Spotify for the past four years tap into real Stories, on the channels where their audience are paying attention.

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Daplie is a home server that helps you take control of your digital life. Connect downloads all of your digital content from your phone (even on the go), tablet, computer, external hard drive, and other cloud storage and then uploads your content to Connect, or even a trusted network of devices. Giving you access to all of your content, on every device, securely from anywhere. No monthly Fees. No Lame Restrictions. Stackable Storage. Developer Platform

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